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Leela Mani Paudyal

2066/01/9(22 April, 2009)

Dear Readers
As many of you know, I started my blog in November 2007, soon after starting to work as the secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. I wanted to open a personal front to interact with the known and unknown readers in the hope of receiving comments, suggestions as well as criticism of the activities carried out by my Ministry. I also hoped that the blog would help me engage in a public discourse on policy and program issues with the readers. As the commentators and readers do not need to disclose their identity, I hoped that the blog would allow them to come forth in a frank and straight forward manner. And all the while, I have sincerely tried to pay attention to the feedback and comments received from readers and to follow up with actions. Unfortunately, some of the readers posted untoward content and used abusive expressions. However, I found an overwhelmingly large amount of feedbacks, responses, suggestions, and criticism to be constructive and useful. I could check misappropriation or misplaced decisions because of the information given to me by my reader, which have helped me rectify matters and save resources. The blog has been an immense help in allowing me to fulfil my commitments made publicly. As a civil servant, I have followed a framework of conduct to guide my behaviour, especially when it comes to the use of official resources. Making it public has helped me to abide by it honestly. Many a time I have been confronted with seemingly simple but grave dilemmas. I have received some very interesting and valuable questions from my readers on such matters too.

My blog was originally hosted by the Ministry’s server. After my transfer to Ministry of Information and Communication in November 2008, I decided to host it independently and therefore the new domain name was registered. Recently, the Government transferred me to the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM). By accepting suggestion of a reader, I have initiated an interactive portal in OPMCM website besides this blog. I am very thankful to the reader for the suggestion. I also have decided to keep your email ID unpublished now onwards.

I welcome all to come forth with their comments, grievances or suggestions. We can start a public debate on any governance issue. Even though some of the previous postings were related to my past postings, I continuously will try to pursue the matters of general concern from present position too.  One of the issues that have come up previously was domain registration. Nepal telecom authority is continuously working on it. I hope it will receive sufficient importance.

Last but not least three new initiatives have been launched by the OPMCM with the advent of new year 2066 BS. Firstly, a toll free number 1111 has been set up to allow the general public from anywhere in Nepal to lodge complains. The complaints received will be forwarded to the concerned agencies for the needful actions. The process of resolving of grievances will be monitored and followed up too. Secondly, an interactive portal has been installed in the OPMCM’s website for lodging complains. Thirdly, e-processing of gate passes has been launched.

The OPMCM website has been updated recently and will be done so on a regular basis. Emails are checked on a daily basis. A general auditing of all websites of Ministries of the Government of Nepal has been started and will be standardised with regular updating and maintenance soon.  These are all new initiatives we have taken recently. Your active participation in all these initiatives is invaluable to us.

Thank You

Leela Mani Paudyal
Kathmandu, Nepal